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Name's Shalaka. 21.Book addict. Movie Maniac.
It's basically a fan blog. Mostly, Supernatural and Sherlock. Oh and also random stuff like quotes and gif art and photographs. Cheers!


when you’re streaming something but your browser freezes halfway & you are forced to close & restart your browser


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people who randomly decide to compliment you are so important

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i can only handle so much socializing until i get tired and start getting irritated towards everyone and want to go home and sleep or lock myself in my room and go on the computer

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if you say your hair has never annoyed you to the point of wanting to shave your head you’re lying

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If you notice me reblogging

  • a repost
  • stolen art
  • false information
  • etc.

please let me know, you’re not rude or annoying and I actually do give a fuck and I will correct my mistake, thank you

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Me all this time

## 10th jan friday
Cold, late, tired

## 23th march ‘14
Everyone on this planet earth is suppose to make their own place in this merciless world. Provided they are happy with what they have as well as what they don’t have.

## 23th of sometime
I used to look at things. Now I observe. Not the world. I observe my perspective. I observe how reckless I have become. How reclusive I am. I also observe the stride I take from moments of my detachment to absolute indifference. Honestly, I just observe my confusion. Confusion when it involves people, choices, crushes etc.

## 24th  March ‘14
I have left my problems in the last night’s trembling hands. This morning wants them back. Real bad.

## 26th march ‘14
I wonder if it’s a some sort of crime to look at people with neutral judgement.

## 26th march’14
So basically, I’m an average girl. Average looks, average intelligence, average social life. Which so far hasn’t been much of a problem. But somehow now it seems it will be.

## 26th march’14
Basically, I want to be a pattaka guddi.

## 28th march ‘14
Good/happy times are not only rare phenomena in my case but also a subjective one.

## 30th march’14
People I know for more than three years, no way I could be friends with them if I’d met them today.

## 30th march’14
[20:41, 30/03/2014] shalakazome: Geez i’m not into changing people.
[20:41, 30/03/2014] shalakazome: But i do have problem with people having problems with other people’s choices
[20:42, 30/03/2014] shalakazome: Live and let live
[20:43, 30/03/2014] shalakazome: I think being good or bad and just accepting others for way they are has hell lot of difference.
[20:44, 30/03/2014] shalakazome: Off I go.

## 1st April’14
The things I want and the things I should be really wanting are two seperate things. I used to like lying low without wondering about what people thought. Focused, determined, happy with all that I have and all that I will have is all that I should be wanting. And somehow that’s all that I want.

## 4th April’14
Making tea and drinking it out of a steel glass is better than anything else in the world. And also, rest in peace, Heath Ledger.

## 5th april ‘14
How many people in my city actually come out of their house completely unsure about themselves, about the day, about the consequences, about their lives. Somethings like accidents, natural calamities, terrorist attacks are not under their control. But obvious. But what about the other things that are in their own hands?
Can you be upset for no reason? Does that indicate a weak mind? Is death the only answer for weak-minded people? Is that why Kurt Cobain killed himself? R.I.P Kurt Cobain.

## 6th April’14
It was actually my periods. Emohormo thingy.

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